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Aim: The Columbia Inscience on line Uni and Technology Research Labs, is a non profit academic and research organization. The main purpose is to promote economic development through science and technology. The Distance Learning programs are offering E-Learning knowledge with a high fidelity academic process. The degrees for undergraduates and postgraduates studies (Msc, MA, Phd, PostDoc) are affiliated from Columbia InScience Organisation and offer the opportunity for working people to gain or improve their science outcome. The E journal and the conferences have been revealed so far cutting edge technology from more than five thousand scientific topics (email: secretary@inscience.org)

Teaching Degrees

Teaching online can be very different from teaching in a traditional classroom. An instructor who accepts employment teaching online must be prepared to help students learn without face-to-face interaction and live discussion. Teaching online certainly is not for everyone. However, many instructors enjoy the freedom of virtual instruction and the opportunity to interact with students from around the nation. When you realize what you are good at, you can figure out the best way to study. Take your training program to new heights with e-learning options from Courses. The Distance e-learning studies offer something for every need and every budget, because e-Learning from Columbia InScience is:

* Flexible: learn when it suits you, wherever you happen to be
* Personal: learn at your own pace or in a peer environment
* Smart: save on travel costs, cut down on travel time


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